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Monday, March 9, 2015

No, I shouldn't. Yes, I did.

After yesterday's ride, I knew the other side of the park was a mess

But I also knew that I needed to try it out.  After all, the season starts
when I've done both sides of the park.

Mud, ice, slush, water...and of course, I was covered!

Oh boy was this day an adventure!
At places like this, where ice was pretty much over the whole path,
  I walked.  After all, my whole spring riding season would
 be shot if I broke an arm or a leg.

The pay off was awesome!

Steve....come over and ride with me!  We can get all muddy and have a blast!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bicycle Season Begins!

More than one reason not to go down this trail!
I'm not the only one that is happy this day

Ice and mud everywhere

You need to ride very carefully at places like this!

If I had a mountain bike, this would be fun!

Some places were impassable.

Time to turn around!

Danger even on the dry pavement..lots of it

BUT WAIT.........

WAIT FOR IT..........

Der Lenz ist da!!!